Sirma Todorova Angelova

Medical University Varna, Bulgaria

Title: Oral-dental health in condition of kidney aplasia- a clinical case report

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In 2005 Dr Sirma Todorova Angelova graduated her higher education at the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria and gained a Master degree of International Financial Affairs. In 2011 Angelova graduated her higher education and gained a Master Degree of Dental Medicine at the Medical University-Varna. Since 2011 Dr. Angelova has been working as an Assistant-Professor at Medical University-Varna. She gained a Certificate of Specialization of Pediatric Dentistry in 2015. In 2017 Angelova gained a postgraduate degree, PhD, after accomplishment of an independent research on the topic of “Caries Risk Assessment and Prevention in Children Suffering from Some Renal Disorders”. In 2018 Dr Angelova gained an academic degree of Chief-Assistant at the Medical University-Varna. In 2019 has been issued the monograph entitled “Epigenetic and Genetic Aspects of Oral Health in Children with Pyelonephritis” authored by Dr. Sirma Todorova Angelova. Sirma Angelova has authored and co-authored more than 75 papers. Dr. Angelova has participated in more than 55 scientific congresses. Her research interests are in the scope of Epigenetics as a cross-point of management of oral diseases’ risk in children with specific common health problems, interactions between environmental factors, common status of the organism and oral-dental health and complex prophylactic cares.